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Everything you need to know about Wood Flowers

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Wood flowers are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cut flowers. Made from the renewable wood of a marshy plant. Wood flowers look like real flowers and last a lifetime.

What are Wood Flowers made from?

Wood flowers are made from a plant called Aeschynomene aspera (rolls off the tongue, right?) It’s a plant that grows wild in marsh areas. Because it grows quickly, it is a renewable resource and one of the lightest known woods. If you’ve ever touched balsa wood before, it’s a very similar feeling.

The plant has a layer of bark that covers the internal, cork-like center of the plant (called the ‘cream’). In most flowers, the bark is stripped and the center is made into thin sheets. It is these sheets that are hand-cut to make wood flowers.

Sometimes, the bark is left on before the creation of sheets, creating a unique two-tone effect on the flower. These are called ‘bark’ or ‘skin flowers’.

How are Wood Flowers made?

Ive already told you about where the wood comes from, but how are the flowers actually created? Every single wood flower is created by hand and no machines are used. Every flower is composed of petals that are hand-cut from the delicate sola wooden sheets, and then composed to create gorgeous, realistic flowers.

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