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How many wood flowers does it take to make a bridal bouquet?

Wood flowers are an Eco-friendly choice for bouquets for the modern bride. Brides (and their guests!) are often surprised by how realistic quality wood flowers look… they can be difficult to tell apart from cut flowers! But wood flowers have a number of advantages over cut flowers:

  • Whereas cut flowers have a limited lifespan that requires that the bouquet arranging be done just days before the wedding, wood flowers have no such expiration date. This means that Forever Blooms can arrange your bridal bouquet (as well as your bridesmaids bouquets, wedding florals, mother-of-the-bride corsage, flower girl basket…) weeks or even months in advance, reducing the stress and to-do list in the time leading up to your wedding.

  • Since wood flowers remain beautiful for months (even years!), your bridal bouquet will forever remain just as gorgeous as the day you walked down the aisle. This eliminates the need to pay for a pricey bouquet preservation service.

  • Wood flowers are an affordable alternative to cut flowers, especially considering that many bridal bouquets contain flowers that need to be flown in from all over the world to catch the perfect point in the growing season. Wood flowers come in over 150 varieties of flowers, so we can find exactly what you need for your perfect bouquet.

  • Wood flower bouquets are an Eco-friendly way to create your dream bridal bouquet. Wood flowers are created from a renewable resource without the use of harsh chemicals and intense shipping distribution requirements of cut flowers.

  • Wood flowers can be dyed to perfectly match your bridal colors… which can be tricky to accomplish with cut flowers!

Traditional Round Bouquets will depend on how many flowers are wanted in the bouquet.

  • Mini (toss)- 10 Flowers

  • Small- 15 Flowers

  • Medium- 20 Flowers

  • Large- 30 Flowers

  • X-Large- 40 Flowers

Now that you’ve chosen wood flowers to make your wedding dreams come true, contact us so we can plan your dream wedding florals!

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