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Wood Flower Reindeer Snow Jar Arrangement

Wood Flower Reindeer Snow Jar Arrangement

This listing is for 1 adorable custom Reindeer Wood Flower arrangement!

Jar Size is 4.125x2.625-in

With florals: 8” x 3”

*Please note these are a made to order item, and can take 1 week to create and allow curring*

Forever Blooms creates forever flower centerpieces and flower arrangements from sola wood flowers. Each flower is hand dyed and arranged with love. Can be customized with tons of different color combinations for any special occasion!

Flower type and the way they are arranged may slightly vary from centerpiece to centerpiece because each flower is unique and slightly different from the rest. Color assortment remains consistent.

The Forever Flowers within our arrangements are Sola Flowers, which come from the wood of Tapioca plants. Also known as Balsa wood, they are hand-crafted and eco-friendly. All flowers are made by hand and no two are EVER alike and small imperfections are possible on every single flower. Just like real flowers, wood flowers will naturally shed petals as they are moved and arranged. With this being said, no flower should be completely mangled or smooched.

Consider investing in something that will last a lifetime!

Not exactly the colors you're looking for? Private message me for a custom made centerpiece!

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